Monday, March 30, 2009


You took care of me, even though I was different...
My mom encourages me on whatever I'm doing, she supports me along the way. She knows that I'm different, even when you're comparing me with my older brother. I was doing sketches while he was outside playing kites with the other kids. I was reading Spider-man while he was reading Lupus. I was playing music while he was the captain of basketball team and still she wait for me for hours and hours if I come home late. She loves me for me.
Momma, I love you...


  1. ouwww... that's so sweettt........... makes me wanna go home and hug my momma.


    ps : i don't think it's u when u're a little boy.... hahahaha kok beda sih!!

  2. i love this post..
    love my momma BIG time too!!! :)

    two thumbs up for those who love and adore their mom more than anything in this world! :)


  3. Yes, we all love our mom don't we?
    I still think I have to treat my mom better, I still act like a chump when I'm with her. She deserves better. Sorry mom... you know I love you.