Monday, July 27, 2009

Lord of Loser

Mixed media on paper sz: A3

This shit was inspired by the furious Kimbo Slice. I know Slice's fury from my buddy Abinara, he was so obsessed by him. I mean the dude prob 6' 2" and 300 pounds of muscles, I wouldn't dare to touch or even look at the monster. Duuude, the man has the shortest fuse and he would probably angry while he's sleep walking.

I was hoping to do a collaboration with Silent Farewell the guys are old buddies of mine. They have taken interest on the piece so I think they would make a merchandise based on this artwork.

Just wait for it dudes.

Jakarta's Bomber

Mixed media on paper sz: A3

I was very shocked by the bombing incident on the July 17th, I couldn't help to think how could anyone has the heart to do such a thing, to take away what others have "built" (in general) to injure ones that innocent. We were brought up by the same mother tongue, the same culture, and for me, the same religion so if they said that they did it in the name of Allah, how come I never heard of it/read it/told to do before, Islam is not a terrorist, Islam is love and peace. They should get their mind right.

I think who ever they are, they should realize that what they had done only caused pain, hatred and anger... that is what I'm feeling right now. I hope we could catch 'em and put them away for good.

This dude, they call him Noordin M. Top, he's the badass behind all this they said that this act was carried out by Jamaah Islamiyah/al-Qaeda but who else is covering for him? He's a Malaysian, why is he doing it in Indo? Is it because Indonesian are too poor and stupid so he and whoever it is funding this act could easily brainwashed any low educated young Indonesian? Fight for your country, your believes in a right and respectful way man! Don't be a wuss, step up and say what you're gonna say when the suicidal bomber did their job what do Noordin do? He walks away, just like that, MIA, not a clue just like a rat in a sewer. This is a cowardly act Indonesian! Be smart, educate yourselves!

Help out fellow Indonesian, spread the words, "WE ARE NOT AFRAID, WE DESPITE THIS TERRORIST ACT!"
Help us catch this mother fucker! Fucking pussy!

Eyes of a Frog

Mixed media on paper sz A2, Photoshop digital editing.

Another collaboration with Gazelle Rockshop, hopefully this piece will be available soon.

I always has this thing about frogs, I find them very unique and fascinating. They're fun, slimy little creature, what a hopper.
When I was a kid, I used to play with lots and lots of tadpole on my uncle's neighbor pool pond. Me, my older brother and my cousin always stick our hands and legs into the pond, we were trying to catch those little bugger with our hands but we never cud catch one.
And I used to see 'em jumping around the garden looking or mosquitos or insects to feed.
The round eyes, the long legs, the green textured slimy skin, and the spiral tongue, there is none that could compares to the species. I think frogs are one of my favorite animal.
What about you guys?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

GazelleRockshop X TheButcher

Mixed media on paper sz: A3

This is my new ghostly-mutant collection for the Gazelle collaboration project.
I hope you guys like it.

I've done the shading for 4 hours straight and it's a bitch! Hahaha!
Hopefully GZL will make a shirt out of it and I am very pleased that the guys liked it.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Here it is, the Mischief Denim Division x the Butcher!!

"Have you seen it? Are you afraid?"

These questions about ghosts interest me, they revolve around my head often times. I haven’t seen ‘em but I can see how we all are so small compare to them, our local culture has treating them like some sort of king, something worthy, something sacred (for some).

We were brought up by these urban legends, myths and stories about them. It’s either we are too primitive to believe that they can haunt us (literally) or our forefathers are so good at storytelling and make up stories. The most ridiculous part is how some believe that they would come out to haunt us on Thursday night, do they even have a calendar system in their busy lives. Does everything work out like our world? Who to believe?

A couple of friends of mine at the office called the long haired character (on this piece) as a Gendoruwo, which I’ve never seen before, ever, in my entire live. For the tagline, it has grew a bit different from the earlier sketch because I wanted it to be more tight, not too thin calligraphy but simple enough to read. Some said that this piece represent my art. It has that mix between scary-funny-ish with fun color. I guess the message delivered perfectly. You can call it anything you like and I can draw anything I like, that’s a mutual relationship and it’s fun. Let’s just keep it this way because art should be fun.

As for the ghost part, I think Indonesian should be proud of the colorful ethnicity and cultural background. Indonesian ghosts are a good potential commodities and who knows, maybe one day we could export some of ‘em?

Anything could happen ‘cuz life is fun.

Greetings from the Two-Bit Thugs

Mixed media on paper, sz A3

This is what you get when you watch too much Animal Planet.

God has given me this thirst for Its creation, It creates so much beauty, so many variety in each form of life and ecosystem. There is so much to learn, so many sunset and sunrise I haven’t seen and so many people I haven’t met and when I die, I will be blessed with every moment that I have.

Life is too beautiful to be thrown away by grunts, long sleep, and daydreaming.