Monday, March 30, 2009

Hands Off

Get yer hands off of the steering wheel! Wow momma!!
This one is dedicated to a friend of mine, Ell. She has a good taste for art, but it doesn't define how she live her life. She work at a 9-5 job, I don't think she has the time to sketch anymore and up till now I haven't seen her work but I can tell that she's a decent gal. Go! Make more art!
But remember kid, u have to finish that job at 800 hours tonight, so work late! Haha!
PS: U still owe me those dvds!


  1. correction : 9 to 6. and up to nowhere. bhahahahahaha.... one day i'll find my path. anewei... to be honest, it's the job to pay. hahahahahaha..

  2. and thank you, for makin this one!....

  3. Hahaha!!! If they pay you with good money than stick to the damn job, you can say goodbye to those cheap ass art! Hahaha!

    Where's my DVD?!!!!!

  4. as long as i'm happy doin' the job and they pay me enough ( and enough is really depends, rite?! )..i'm stick to it.
    but u know what, rite now i'm in this middle of happy - or not - happy , so..i think i'll have my second thought sooner or later! haha.

    ps : "And yes, all of these paintings are for sale"
    whaaaat?!!! ..nyooooong!! i can't believe i still have to buy it from you.. dasaaaaaaaar komersiiiiiiiiil!!!

    i guess..i don't know where's your dvd now.. kekeke