Thursday, October 29, 2009


Ink on Paper sz: A4
A little sketch I did for Killed by Butterfly

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Snob (Color)

Photoshop digital coloring

Last weekend I went to this local event that was supposed to be an exhibition for local talent/product but when I got there, they were selling these import stuff and displaying branded merch... what the hell were they thinking??? Why did you put tag lines like "support local talent" if you're gonna sell shit from abroad... stupid schmucks!

I was stoked by this small display of an old local comic action figure, the spot was right around the corner and when I stopped and started to look around this little figure was coming toward approaching me and started to babble about the history of Caroq and when I looked up it was an Indonesian so called actress who started to give me the lecture.
Dudette... I know what Caroq was, I've been reading them since I was in junior high and please don't start dissin' about how bad Indonesian comic book, you don't know how much Indonesian comic scene has developed this past decade. You should look up for designer named Rowal Manyoone and Sunny Gho/Hideki the baddest mother fukker of all!!! Better watch out!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sketch 1

Pencil on used paper sz: A4

This is a little sneak peak on my upcoming collaboration project with Killed by Butterfly. I'm gonna do 'em a lil somethin' different a lil' Butcher's conventional caricature on the members. I'm hoping to get it done the latest by this weekend.

As you can see it has another sketch drawing of a man kinda looking down and writing, I did it unconsciously while Ady Syoukat and I were having this conversation about how he wanted me to comment on his college assignment. I think college didn't do much for me.

I wish I could go to an art institute or whatever, I need more education.

Boy 'o boy I wish I cud turn back time...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

DeadHrtzXRacerKids Store

Wall paint on panel, sz: 60cm x 100cm

Wall paint on panel, sz: 300cm x 120cm

Wall paint on panel, sz: 250cm x 150cm

These are the most fast break mural I've ever done.

I arrived at Bandung on Friday 4 PM and beginning drawing from 7 PM - 2 AM and had a break from 3 AM - 7 AM then begun painting again from 9 AM - 4 PM and then I have to head back to Jakarta for No Use For A Name show at Depok (the longest route I've ever took), the road was small and the traffic was bad. I guess Depok was the meanest but the show was terrific, the new guitarist was killin' it.

It brings back good memories...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Snob

Water color on paper Sz: A4
Remember hi skool? The good ol' days when you're wearing uniform and the teacher was literally kicking you cuz you got busted cutting skool and skipping classes through the elementary exit passage... least that was what happened to me.
I remember my friend Ferry Mongan was busting out of school and stealin' car accessories in a public parking lot and ended up in jail cuz he was caught red handed. He was beaten up badly by some people and he can't go to school cuz he was too embarrassed by the scar and bruises.
Gosh! I was laughing my ass off when I found that out... what ever happened to him anyway? The last thing I heard his dad was putting him into some kind of a Priest school/dorm, such an irony man.
Well, I miss him. Kudos to Mongan and his vicious act.


Mixed media on paper sz: A3, Photoshop coloring (*each drawing)
These are the designs for DeadHrtz and RacerKids Neonbox on the front of their new shop in Truno Joyo Bandung.
I'm gonna do some mural painting also on this Saturday night, I hope it'll go well.
They asked me to do the packaging design also, but I'm so full right now and I can't think of anything creative but I hope I'll come up with something good and new, I hope I won't let them down.
*Finger crossed*

Squid Attack

Mixed media on paper Sz: A4

This is another collaboration with AWOL (ayie wemang woke I heard?! Lol! Haha!).
Eye asked for squids, I give him traditional tentacles that any artist could do. I hope you'll like it Eye & Agith!