Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pizza é Birra @ Plaza Indonesia 5th Floor

Liquid Chalk. Chalkboard on panel 60cm x 60cm x 500cm

Once in a blue moon my ol' buddy Ridwan Susena and I bump into each other and usually all we do were talk and joke around on everything in general, starting from old habits, old friends, music, art, etc.

Last week I was at my parents house for a holiday and suddenly I got this call from him early in the morning. I was asked to do some mural for a project from his office (Ismaya Group). I was so excited 'cuz they were using new media, it was so challenging so I called up several of my friends and I ended up collaborating with Adi Syoukat again.

The project was so fun and full of laughter and we get to meet new people, nice and warm ones and the most memorable moment was we get to eat up everything, I mean literally everything and anything we want. Starting from appetizers, endless main courses, untouchable desserts ('cuz we were already full from tons of pizzas and pastas). From what I've heard, Syoukat loves to eat (he has this big tummy for food) but that day food was an enemy to him... he has lost his big appetite on food cuz he had too much... Hahahha! Lol!

Well, I hope you guys enjoy the drawing as much as we enjoy making it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Mixed media on paper, Sz: A3

I added a new collection on my "Entertainer Tribute". Can you feel the love? This is what happen when you listen too much of Friendly Fire's "Skeleton Boy".

The Prick

Mixed media on paper, sz: A3

This is what happen when you're sleeping late and waking up to a song like "Talons" by the Bloc Party. I get jinxed by it, specially after I watched the music video.

"A Weekend In The City" was very inspiring but "Intimacy" is very tempting and exciting, big thumbs up to those genius.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Mixed media on paper, sz: A3

I got a little obsessed with farmers, harvest and the agriculture I made this, simple as that.