Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pets & You

Duuude...I almost forgot about this project!!
I did this pet shop and clinic project for "Pets & You" around February and March, the interior designers are my old buddies, Imelda Nelly and Karina Radimita and they are solid professionals. I met this cool contractor dude, named Halilintar (thunder in English), he is a lay back supercool kinda guy with so much to tell experience. My team was a two men only (Andy Christian and me), we had to climb up this self made-shaky scaffolding of 2.5 meters height, and Andy was scared of heights... hahahaha! I hope he would overcome the phobia after the project.
Thanks to Hali for making those cool scaffolding, we appreciate it!

The scaffolding was made by over used wooden ex-demolished/ruin that are wet, blackened by dirt and had so much rusty nails all over the surface. So everyday we had a new scratch and bruises all over our body 'cuz we had to climb our asses up like monkeys and hang from one scaffolding to another.

When it comes to painting a ceiling, it's a whole lotta different shit. Hali made this medium height ass whoppin' scaffs that are structured to the whole room and we had to lay down on a 2.5 cm thick x 20 cm width x 200 cm length of old wooden board, do you know how hard it is to paint a media that is so close to your eyes, you ain't got the space to move around your arm 'cuz yer elbow got tangled up between the boards and you can't draw vertically 'cuz yer neck and arm will get stiffy and get a cramps after a few minutes.
We had so much fun doin' it though, it was a priceless experience.

At first they want a mural painting of silhouette pets but the whole silhouette thing was kinda dull then we decided to do just the bold outline paintings.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This is a sketch I did for Murs, my new hero in the hip hop land. His new album "Murs for President" is a great album, you guys should get it. Definitely a positive vibe and great songs with powerful lyrics.

Mama's Meat Store

I will tell you a little background story about how I pick "the butcher" as an alias.

As you can see I'm a descendant of a cow serial killer, I inherit a butchering, no, no...I'm just kiddin'.
My dad is a butcher, he used to work at a slaughter house and a meat shop for my grand dad in his early age, his siblings used to be butchers but some of 'em just can't keep up the pace (I think).

My dad's a decent, kind, and honest guy who has integrity, a total great guy, I think that's why he can survive up 'til now. I got his taste of music, honest opinion (some people said a bit naive) but it's all a blessing in disguise. Maybe if I was born in the 1950's, everyone would named me his name.

I'm glad that I could be a little helping hand for his store. I got to do the logo for him, it meant a lot for me.
So check it out... better watch out cows, we're coming to getcha!


Hey guys, how you all been doin'?

It's been a while since the last time I publish a new post, to be frank I've been through a lot. Both, in my relationship and career life.
So I haven't got the time to do anything and I ain't got the mood.

Actually I got this piece that I've been doing for several weeks, the piece is still in progress but I'll tell you all later in another post.

Just now I've been working in a new office furniture supplier/residential designer/architectural company and I got the chance to do the company logo. I'm pretty excited about it, it's not much but it's a start.
Right now I'm just being thankfull that I can do what I love.
PMA! Positive Mental Attitude y'all!