Monday, March 30, 2009


This piece right here was made when Sonia turned 15.
Boy, you're young!

This one on her 16th bday.

This one on her 17th bday
I know they're not much but I hope you like 'em.
And you know what, I can't write anything about you right now but you know how I feel right?
All I can say is that you are the best thing that ever happened to me and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.

Hands Off

Get yer hands off of the steering wheel! Wow momma!!
This one is dedicated to a friend of mine, Ell. She has a good taste for art, but it doesn't define how she live her life. She work at a 9-5 job, I don't think she has the time to sketch anymore and up till now I haven't seen her work but I can tell that she's a decent gal. Go! Make more art!
But remember kid, u have to finish that job at 800 hours tonight, so work late! Haha!
PS: U still owe me those dvds!

One Stroke

This one supposed to be me...but it doesn't look like me at all. Bad... bad... bad...
I couldn't remember how I looked when I painted this. Hell, I still can't remember how I look right now! How can you forget the way you look, when you've been living in that same body for like..........................the rest of your live. I mean, I don't get it. I remember how many dimples I have, how many scratches, the wrinkles located, etc but still I can't memorize the way I look and paint it. My bad.
So I'm gonna call this one a "bummer artwork".

The Butcher

A premature one, dedicated to Design Forum.
Last month I got an interview at this company and the interviewers were so nice and friendly, we laughed so much and I think it went well.
I got a call back but I still haven't decide what I'm gonna do next. I still have this on going projects that I can't leave... I'm afraid I'm gonna abandon it if I do.
So please God, pull me out of this hell hole.

September Ceria

An event somewhere, someplace, some September, someday...
This dude, I knew back in the day when I used to hang out in Bandung asked me for a favor to made a poster for his upcoming show but the show never really existed and that dude talked bullshit a lot, I found out late.

Accidental Hero vs. Gazelle Rockshop

How are you guys?
When two groups of guys gather around and has a vision about big projects and crazy colabo shit, this is what happen. The only thing that's missing is a large amount of money and a good dedicated project supervisor.


I don't really understand this one myself.
I made this when I was still working in CoPi project, this is the first sketch after all those years. I did it between spare times and lunch hours.


Inspired by MxPx's Mike Hererra, I did this when I was in high school.
I listened too much punk music.


Tamarind town house project:

Anarchy is a forbidden, even in your own house/room.
This method controls how you live your life ever since you were young. We were raised by the long arm of the law, look at what this method has brought us. These days, all youngsters have short fuse, makin' scenes, acting out like they got something to prove. If you have anything to say, say it positively not with confrontation.
When you were young, your parents want you to eat properly, on the table, with suitable cutlery and they don't want you to draw pictures on the walls.
The harder they told you not to, the more eager you became, that's human behavior.
It is called rage. Well recently I got paid for doing what I want since I was a kid.

Well, I was recently asked to do this project with a couple of friends, they needed decorative paintings on walls, electric poles, and pavements (future project) and it really inspires me, gave me the courage to explore more and a chance to know "me" better. It really sets the bar.

So, I would personally thank everyone who has involved in this project (you know who you are) specially for trusting me holding the brush and do what I want with the whole 26 units of town houses and 7 poles...I really appreciate it.
Thanks Ms. Ika, Mrs. Komara, and my never ending team of painters: Abin and Andy Kendi.


I teased her with this piece
I done this when I was so mad at Sonia, I put every anger on it, every emotion. This one's really personal to me. The line is raw and out of order the arrangement is bad, it describes how I felt.
I picture her as the baddest, meanest, ugliest person I could ever pictured.

Mullet Army

Stand down soldier! The king is here!
My dad used to look like this. He was so thin that if he fell, he would break in two pieces.
You better watch "Joe Dirt" it was hilarious! David Spade's a genius.
The sketches were done manually and the coloring was digitally, using Adobe Photoshop application.
The devil's horn is not how you are raise!

Pointing Finger

This German teacher is telling you to stop!
My mom said, "Is it granpa? The lower jaw and the hair looked the same"
Sonia said, "Is it tante Angelina?"
Aaaaaaaaaackkk!!!... You both wrong! Hahaha!
I was trying to draw a picture from a magazine, I'm exploring on how shadow falls on an object if there are more then 2 spotlights.


You took care of me, even though I was different...
My mom encourages me on whatever I'm doing, she supports me along the way. She knows that I'm different, even when you're comparing me with my older brother. I was doing sketches while he was outside playing kites with the other kids. I was reading Spider-man while he was reading Lupus. I was playing music while he was the captain of basketball team and still she wait for me for hours and hours if I come home late. She loves me for me.
Momma, I love you...

Mr. Piggy

Mr. Piggy right here is a snob
I was inspired by that "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" movie. That movie is wicked, all that dark scenes and sad story about how you are different and alone in the world. I dig it!
The actors/actresses were perfect, the make up was amazing. I holla!!!

Grab Sumthin'

This piece supposed to be in a pair, like a "he and she" thing but Sonia has spotted the surprise, so I gotta came up with something new at that time.

Me as a Geisha

I always picture myself as somebody else, even in a different gender.
Once there was an article I read about how the Deftones labeled by media as 'the pussy in new metal era' and it caught my attention 'cuz I'm a big fan.
Here's what they said, "We are not pussy enough to admit that we are pussy". I guess the Sacto heroes were right, we should learn our defeats and embrace it. We would be bigger if we could accept differences.
I love the glamorous boy george and his big cabaret shows, he's being 'him', I respect that.
What bothers me is this gay disease that's spreading nowadays. I think it's a plague and it has to stop.
They think gay is some kind of a trend, that's so sick and the worst part is they bitchin' around everyone that's straight. Better stop it fellaz', just be cool and we will be nice!



Band logo



I love my band but it bums me when one of the dude's too busy doin' somethin' else.
I mean, this band was the next big thing for me. I really like the way we sound, the mission was simple, make an album, kill everyone and we go our separate ways but I guess it's not that simple after all.

Mic 1-2

Check mic, one... two...

I miss my mic, the adrenaline rush on stage, the pointing fingers, the crowd, etc.
Awww... the good ol' day.

Lover's Delight


I feel a bit hungry, wanna bite?


The male was me and the female was Sonia.
These 2 pieces are in her hand now. Deep inside she's a warm kinda person, I love it when she supports me. She would just lift me up so high when I'm down. Thank you...


Yes, spread the message with love and care!

Help me out guys 'n gals, help me out by spreading the news to your little loved ones.
Do you know that damaged teeth with caries could cause severe brain damages, tumor and cancer. So stop eating candies and brush yer teeth kids! Educate yourselves!


When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a rock star. I pretend that I was in a band, singing loudly to the music in front of my family, with my air guitar, bass, drum, and mic with my rock star style.

Paul Stanley of KISS was my hero, and KISS was the real deal back at the time.
I was introduced to KISS by a cousin of mine at an early age, I think it was when I was 8/9 years old, I can't really recall.

The only thing I can remember clearly is that I used to draw KISS in class and my friend Sandy would ask me, "What are you drawing? Are they really that scary?" and by that time I told him everything I knew about KISS.
I watch their home videos (with girls topless in it), collect their albums, posters but none of them are hanging on my wall 'cuz that's what I do when I'm into something, I would rather put them away and not touching 'em instead of playing with 'em so that I won't stain or tear 'em apart and I won't be upset for days and days and this habit continues until now. Hahaha!!

Well this is a piece that I call "Phil Anselmo", it was inspired by one of the b
est band I've ever heard, Pantera. This band has given so much for music today. They inspire rock bands to have mohawks and inspire kids to act aggressively. I think that's a good thing, so we could express ourselves freely. Salute to Dimebag Darrell (RIP) and friends, salute to Pantera. Although Phillip Anselmo (singer) is a redneck with a white pride visionary but I still think he kicks ass and I love him for that, specially when he's grinding his teeth on stage.

Friday, March 20, 2009

That Ol' Dude from the Hancock Movie

Have you seen the movie "Hancock", starring Will Smith and Charlize Theron? I've seen it a couple times.

The first time it was okay.

The second time, dull.

Third chance, absolutely a vomit bucket.

I don't get it, the movie started out very cool, very mysterious, heroic, but when it gets to middle it just drop flat till the end.

Will Smith and Charlize Theron been doing some great movies though, can't say I don't like them.

"7 Pounds" are highly recommended (specially for BlackBerry user). Remember kids don't text and drive! This call goes out for you too, Kendi and Gogo! Haha!

Okay, in the movie there's this scene where Hancock got arrested 'cuz he has been acting out and missing out, then everyone was calling him an "a-hole".
In prison they sent him to attend a support group which don't really helping him a lot in the start but slowly he surrender to the group.
In that scene, I can't help to notice that there's this old dude with a beanie hanging out on his forehead, either he's wearing it or he doesn't but it was so inspiring for me.
If you make a silhouette
out of him, he would look like a "papa Smurf", it was hilarious.
So I said to myself, I have to make a drawing out of him.

So there you go, papa Smurf in 'pink' pig skin (like all of my drawings), there's no skin colours.
I'm doing it for the cause, we should end racism. Permanently! It's for the better, I mean for you and me. Are you with me on this? GOOD! Haha!

Thanks for reading guys! Especially you, Irna. You've been a loyal friend on this page.

Sorry about the bad picture, it was taken by a cellphone camera.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ol' Skool

I'm gonna let you see my earlier works.
These were done digitally using Freehand and Adobe application.

1. Mischief clothing
2. The Glans band
3. MarlaCovingdale band
4. Conoco Phillips fit out project
5. March and MarlaCovingdale band
6. The Glans band
7. Silent Farewell band

What was I thinking... hahaha!!!

Fantasy Land

I’ve been having some nightmares this past few days.
First, it was about my late granny (I love her, she was sweet, God rest her soul), not really sure what was it about but it was creepy.
Second, it was about the end of days, creepy too.
Third, my late granny and other late relatives comin’ back to get me ‘cuz it was the end of the world… or somethin’ like that. Pretty scary huh?

Have you had those kinda nightmares? The one that repeats occasionally?
Well I have, since I was a kid.
It was about a small, dark and gloomy garden (but cozy) surrounded by these tall bushes as their fence (looked like a labyrinth from the top) and it has a short stairs made of grass so it would bounce if you walk ‘cuz it has that sort density.
The other one is about running in the alley near my old primary school, the buildings was old and dirty (like the ones in the real world), the asphalt was shattered so the gravel was everywhere and it jumps if you run fast. It was a homey dream for me, a familiar one... this one I’m gonna call it a good dream instead.

This is why I made this piece, it is called “The Parallels”. It took me two days and cost me a great deal of pain in the back of my neck and the lower back ‘cuz I like details on my paintings and when I do it, I usually go deaf, mute, dumb, then I don’t eat, don’t drink, don’t rest, don’t socialize, give it a 110% focus and I lost track of time (sorry baby).
It reminds me I was asked this one time by a director from a company in B.E.J. (on a job interview) she said, “So, your hobby is painting. You must be an introvert person ‘cuz you have a habit being alone, you’re comfort in finishing your job alone”.
HECK NO! I certainly not that type a dude. It just happens to be I’m a painter and I can’t do my job when I hang out.
Okay, back to “The Parallels”. Fancy this, as we sit right here, right now there’s this parallel world that we’ve never seen. It would be a totally different and a bit creepy because it is new for us but on the other hand, it would be a breath taker for us if we could have a trip there and be back on the next day and we don’t have to use any passport, plane ticket and paying the “not worthy” fiskal, don’t have to worry about “what dress to wear or who’s gonna call” it’s all not gonna work there ‘cuz no one’s gonna notice, yer weird to them.
Well… enough from me, dream on guys!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Butcher and the Fishmonger Too

Okay, here is my kick start. I'm gonna give you a sneak peak on what I'm doing right now.


This piece was inspired by the werewolves in the “Twilight” movie (Taylor Lautner and the gang).
I don’t really dig that movie, I think it was too girly.

Speaking of “Twilight”, I have a little story about an argument between me and my pal, it was about “which movie was better”. Is it the “Twilight” or the “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” (Well I’m gonna let you decide on this one).
It’s not that I’m against chic lit movies or even girls (at any cost), believe me ‘cuz I can guarantee you that I’m a feminist (I assure you, I’m down alright… all the way down! Haha!) it’s more of like this…
I think good movies are more than just about cool hairdos and pretty faces, it should be “good stories”, about life n all and most importantly about something new.

Besides vampires don’t swing between trees, it’s Tarzan’s job and his pet monkey (and they can really make a living out of it…haha!).
O yea… and if it’s about vampires kicking each others ass, I’d rather watch “Buffy”… Haha!
I’m kiddin’ guys, you know that.

Well amymays it’s all good. Peace out!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Brain Storming

Well hello there fellow bloggers, I'm a newborn in this part of the world, I hope we could get along just fine in the future.
Basically my blog is about sharing my artistic part, which is painting and before this blogging thing, expression is more of a personal subject for me.
I could just sit around or talking to myself in front of the mirror for hours and hours just building atmospheres and learning gestures so I can pour them in my paintings. After all, that's what painting is all about, right?
Anyways, this blog is currently still under construction 'cuz I still don't have any clue of what I'm gonna do here, I'm hoping something new and big's gonna happen though (fingers cross). So... wish me luck fellaz!

Bottom's up!