Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pee Wee Gaskins & Thirteen


Hand drawn, scanner, Photoshop

After a decade without my shitty Mac I could finally accomplish something from a traditional PC at my office.
I hate Apple for being arrogantly expensive and spreading acute addictive craving, like candy to a kid.
Fuck 'em all!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pizza ė Birra January 2010

1. Ridwan Susena AKA RidVenge! and Rhoald Marcellius AKA the Pumpkin Bear with warm greetings

2. Farid Irnaldi AKA Havok doing a little research for the project

3. RidVenge! and the Butcher exploring concepts and new ideas

4. The Butcher's taking advantage of the whole project

5. Havok the busy bee

6. Brainstorming

1. Havok has taken an early flight
2,3, 4. Followed by the next crew

1. Adi Syoukat sketching future

2. Havok conquering Big Ben

3. The Pumpkin Bear back to stone age

4. Observing

5. Debating

6. Future community

1. The Butcher tagging
2. The stone age era
3. By the Butcher
4. By the Pumpkin Bear

1. The present
2. Details
3. Havok tagging
4. The result

1. By RidVenge!
2. By Adi Syoukat
3. The future with two moons, I like what Syoukat did. It's so original
4. The result

1. The Pumpkin Bear blocking
2. Havok sketching
3.Tagging by the Butcher
4. The front entrance

1. Syoukat and Havok having dinner
2. The Pumpkin Bear Kung Fu pose
3. The ceiling
4. The conference

1. Havok and the Pumpkin Bear
2. Agith Priyadi chatting with Balinese girl friend
3. Shocked?
4. The Butcher tagging
5. Onion pizza...
6. Surfing around
7. The lovely Sonia Ahmad
8. The artists
9. Tagging
10. Tasty Aglio
11. Lefty
12. Righty
13. The crew take 1
14. The crew take 2
15. The family

*All photographs by Sonia Ahmad
The crew:
Adi Syoukat