Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fantasy Land

I’ve been having some nightmares this past few days.
First, it was about my late granny (I love her, she was sweet, God rest her soul), not really sure what was it about but it was creepy.
Second, it was about the end of days, creepy too.
Third, my late granny and other late relatives comin’ back to get me ‘cuz it was the end of the world… or somethin’ like that. Pretty scary huh?

Have you had those kinda nightmares? The one that repeats occasionally?
Well I have, since I was a kid.
It was about a small, dark and gloomy garden (but cozy) surrounded by these tall bushes as their fence (looked like a labyrinth from the top) and it has a short stairs made of grass so it would bounce if you walk ‘cuz it has that sort density.
The other one is about running in the alley near my old primary school, the buildings was old and dirty (like the ones in the real world), the asphalt was shattered so the gravel was everywhere and it jumps if you run fast. It was a homey dream for me, a familiar one... this one I’m gonna call it a good dream instead.

This is why I made this piece, it is called “The Parallels”. It took me two days and cost me a great deal of pain in the back of my neck and the lower back ‘cuz I like details on my paintings and when I do it, I usually go deaf, mute, dumb, then I don’t eat, don’t drink, don’t rest, don’t socialize, give it a 110% focus and I lost track of time (sorry baby).
It reminds me I was asked this one time by a director from a company in B.E.J. (on a job interview) she said, “So, your hobby is painting. You must be an introvert person ‘cuz you have a habit being alone, you’re comfort in finishing your job alone”.
HECK NO! I certainly not that type a dude. It just happens to be I’m a painter and I can’t do my job when I hang out.
Okay, back to “The Parallels”. Fancy this, as we sit right here, right now there’s this parallel world that we’ve never seen. It would be a totally different and a bit creepy because it is new for us but on the other hand, it would be a breath taker for us if we could have a trip there and be back on the next day and we don’t have to use any passport, plane ticket and paying the “not worthy” fiskal, don’t have to worry about “what dress to wear or who’s gonna call” it’s all not gonna work there ‘cuz no one’s gonna notice, yer weird to them.
Well… enough from me, dream on guys!



  1. what an AMAZING piece of ART!
    im now ur NUMBER 1 FAN dude! :D

  2. ps:

    love the the painting! keep blogging!!! looking forward to read and see more! ;)


  3. Hehehe...thanks Naa!! I really appreciate it!
    Keep comin' back OK! It's nice to have you here.

  4. "It took me two days and cost me a great deal of pain in the back of my neck and the lower back"........ no wonder dear, no wonder....! ... this one is great.....bravo!.... hehehe aku rasa sudah kutemukan ciri mu... garis wajahnya.. hehehe menurutku km suka gambar tulang pipi deh.. or lebih tepatnya garis wajah... u pay attention on that! colour skin tone nya... (the bluish-pale pink ... hehehe warnanya bisa konsisten)... well, post some more!!!


  5. Heihei! Thanks for the comment ell.
    Yea, I really love everything about human, gesture, mimic 'n all.
    Pig Skin is something that I wanna share personally, 'cuz it consists of what we really are...after all we all are made of flesh and bones, God creates us from dust and dirt, so basically we are the same but I can't wait to explore more. Colors are a pretty important aspect in painting, skin colors are special.