Monday, March 30, 2009

Me as a Geisha

I always picture myself as somebody else, even in a different gender.
Once there was an article I read about how the Deftones labeled by media as 'the pussy in new metal era' and it caught my attention 'cuz I'm a big fan.
Here's what they said, "We are not pussy enough to admit that we are pussy". I guess the Sacto heroes were right, we should learn our defeats and embrace it. We would be bigger if we could accept differences.
I love the glamorous boy george and his big cabaret shows, he's being 'him', I respect that.
What bothers me is this gay disease that's spreading nowadays. I think it's a plague and it has to stop.
They think gay is some kind of a trend, that's so sick and the worst part is they bitchin' around everyone that's straight. Better stop it fellaz', just be cool and we will be nice!


  1. i like this one. well maybe u're a geisha in another life. hahahahaha.

    - ell