Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Snob (Color)

Photoshop digital coloring

Last weekend I went to this local event that was supposed to be an exhibition for local talent/product but when I got there, they were selling these import stuff and displaying branded merch... what the hell were they thinking??? Why did you put tag lines like "support local talent" if you're gonna sell shit from abroad... stupid schmucks!

I was stoked by this small display of an old local comic action figure, the spot was right around the corner and when I stopped and started to look around this little figure was coming toward approaching me and started to babble about the history of Caroq and when I looked up it was an Indonesian so called actress who started to give me the lecture.
Dudette... I know what Caroq was, I've been reading them since I was in junior high and please don't start dissin' about how bad Indonesian comic book, you don't know how much Indonesian comic scene has developed this past decade. You should look up for designer named Rowal Manyoone and Sunny Gho/Hideki the baddest mother fukker of all!!! Better watch out!


  1. i know caroq, itu pemenang lomba komik jaman dulu banget kan.. jaman gw sd tuh... glad to know caroq still exist...

  2. Yes Capturadiskotik anda benar sekali

  3. Okay, I'm going to prepare the questions and I'll email it to you soon, yes?
    Thank you!

  4. Roald.... Damn, guy got skills. Tapi kemampuan storytellingnya masih gimaneee gitu... too cliche in all of its melancholy glory. IMHO sih. Btw nice drawings.