Sunday, October 18, 2009

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Wall paint on panel, sz: 60cm x 100cm

Wall paint on panel, sz: 300cm x 120cm

Wall paint on panel, sz: 250cm x 150cm

These are the most fast break mural I've ever done.

I arrived at Bandung on Friday 4 PM and beginning drawing from 7 PM - 2 AM and had a break from 3 AM - 7 AM then begun painting again from 9 AM - 4 PM and then I have to head back to Jakarta for No Use For A Name show at Depok (the longest route I've ever took), the road was small and the traffic was bad. I guess Depok was the meanest but the show was terrific, the new guitarist was killin' it.

It brings back good memories...


  1. Hello...keren banget sih gambar-gambar lo. Gue tuh suka banget ke pizza e birra karena design interiornya ada aksen graffitinya itu dan tadi gue baru aja photoshoot untuk majalah di sana dan baru lihat tulisan alamat blognya. Great art! Salute! Can I mention your artwork in my blog and maybe do some interview with you?

  2. Hi, Tara Amelz
    Thanks for the comment I really appreciate it...
    Silahkan mention or even write about, it'll help out. What kind of interview anyway?

  3. I got an interview section on my blog just to get to know the inspiring people I met (we can do it through email) and to let people know mre about them, you can see it in my blog (i only have one interview with a fashion blogger from california at the time). And I do work for a magazine, I can try to put an article about you in it :) well, ofcourse I should talk about it with my boss first.