Monday, July 6, 2009


Here it is, the Mischief Denim Division x the Butcher!!

"Have you seen it? Are you afraid?"

These questions about ghosts interest me, they revolve around my head often times. I haven’t seen ‘em but I can see how we all are so small compare to them, our local culture has treating them like some sort of king, something worthy, something sacred (for some).

We were brought up by these urban legends, myths and stories about them. It’s either we are too primitive to believe that they can haunt us (literally) or our forefathers are so good at storytelling and make up stories. The most ridiculous part is how some believe that they would come out to haunt us on Thursday night, do they even have a calendar system in their busy lives. Does everything work out like our world? Who to believe?

A couple of friends of mine at the office called the long haired character (on this piece) as a Gendoruwo, which I’ve never seen before, ever, in my entire live. For the tagline, it has grew a bit different from the earlier sketch because I wanted it to be more tight, not too thin calligraphy but simple enough to read. Some said that this piece represent my art. It has that mix between scary-funny-ish with fun color. I guess the message delivered perfectly. You can call it anything you like and I can draw anything I like, that’s a mutual relationship and it’s fun. Let’s just keep it this way because art should be fun.

As for the ghost part, I think Indonesian should be proud of the colorful ethnicity and cultural background. Indonesian ghosts are a good potential commodities and who knows, maybe one day we could export some of ‘em?

Anything could happen ‘cuz life is fun.


  1. export hantu ke negri opa Sam, biar film hantunya bagusan dikit ga cuman nyadur dr film jepang/korea/thailand.. gehehe

  2. Iya bener banget Bi! Karena kan biayanya murah, ga pake berat, fiskal dan passport segala macem. Nangkepnya juga gampang, cuma pake paku, keuyeup dan menyan.Kekeke...

  3. i agree! indonesian ghosts is absolutely cool!!!... tp entah mengapa....kalo buat film, indo ghosts film maker yg sekarang kurang menggigit, jatohnya malah niru 'nafas dan irama' nya film horor jepang, korea, thailand etc, pdhl setan2 nya kita keren bgt n' berpotensi,sayang tidak dikaryakan dengan baik hahahahaha.. but i adore watching old skull indo horror movies, esp. if suzanna w/ bokir n dorman borisman is in it . hahahaha.. 'ell

  4. Kudos to you Ell! You've hit the jackpot!
    Film2 lama adalah film2 original Indo yang tidak tergantikan, baik plot cerita maupun pemainnya.
    Saat ini terlalu banyak B rated actors/actresses yang terpaksa main film layar lebar dg tujuan menaikan rating film sj.
    Padahal acting mereka terlalu sinetron Multivision yang banyak close up-zoom in-zoom out with eerie backsound effect.