Monday, July 27, 2009

Eyes of a Frog

Mixed media on paper sz A2, Photoshop digital editing.

Another collaboration with Gazelle Rockshop, hopefully this piece will be available soon.

I always has this thing about frogs, I find them very unique and fascinating. They're fun, slimy little creature, what a hopper.
When I was a kid, I used to play with lots and lots of tadpole on my uncle's neighbor pool pond. Me, my older brother and my cousin always stick our hands and legs into the pond, we were trying to catch those little bugger with our hands but we never cud catch one.
And I used to see 'em jumping around the garden looking or mosquitos or insects to feed.
The round eyes, the long legs, the green textured slimy skin, and the spiral tongue, there is none that could compares to the species. I think frogs are one of my favorite animal.
What about you guys?


  1. hate frogs slimy skin..
    love u

  2. hey..juz u hand draw n scan ur artworks? or do u use photoshop or any softwares to crop, color n edit ur images?
    thx..btw, all ur artworks has a cool n badass vibe to it..XD

  3. Hey, thanks for the comment dude!

    Mostly I did my work hand drawn, this one also.
    But I did it in two parts, first the tagging then on a different sheet I did the artwork then I joined 'em with photoshop. Simple as that.

    I'm doin' some projects right now but haven't got the time to do the documentation. When I do, I hope you'll check 'em out again.

    Peace out! Spread the love!