Thursday, July 9, 2009

GazelleRockshop X TheButcher

Mixed media on paper sz: A3

This is my new ghostly-mutant collection for the Gazelle collaboration project.
I hope you guys like it.

I've done the shading for 4 hours straight and it's a bitch! Hahaha!
Hopefully GZL will make a shirt out of it and I am very pleased that the guys liked it.


  1. ninja hatori, this is cool! kekekeke love the bold stroke. gazelle yg toko km tea ya? hahaha pernah ke sn jaman msh di sambas..nemenin my pal nyari buckles buat kado ultah pacarnya hahahaha.... 'ell

  2. Yesss...yes...thank you.
    Hmmm...statusnya agak absurd sekarang krn gw dah ga aktif skrg. Mungkin semacem helping hand aja sih.

    Peace out