Tuesday, April 6, 2010

MARCH - POLYMATH Soft Launching Show - End of March

Welcome to the show

The Artwork they used for the cover album

Display of their scrapbook collection from posters, flyers, etc.

Display of their scrapbook collection from merchandises
Their definiton of Polymath
Their foto collection over the years of hardwork

Speakin' of the devil

As you can see on the first day my painting was totally different and unfinished

Day two I'm doin' something different, adjusting here and there

The big headed octopus was layered by random colon

This picture looks like a family portrait of a man and his pet

I didn't put too much detail on it bcuz the time was so short

Acrylic on Wood Panel Sz: 240x120 cm
It's a wrap on day 2

Take 1
Take 2, seal the deal and bringin' it all down with Henry Rollins' style!
See you all on the closing April 16th!


  1. yaaahhh!!
    cumi nya di apus!
    lo ga foto dulu tuh cuminya?
    padahal kan dah jadi..
    harusnya lo foto dulu ri!
    yuk corat coret tembok depan rumah gw! XD

  2. Yah wal, gada yg foto khusus buat cuminya. Abisan gw ga suka, trlalu balon da ga proporsi.

    Ayo dong ngecat! Minggu depan gmn?

  3. aaahh..
    gw dah ngetik panjang2 ..eh, gagal ngirim..
    cape deh..

    nanti lo ke PI ga ma ridwan?

  4. Guys, gw ga ngikut deh ke PI. Gw pikir mau lukis, au-nya makan2. Klo kata Ridwan gw ga sukanya cm gambar doang, makan belakangan. Hahaha...