Sunday, December 13, 2009

SMU 112


My lil' brotha (from anotha motha) Agtya Priyadi asked me to do a small school project for SMU 112, they wanna make a simple design for year hi-skool mercandising, so the vision was a simple, clean and smart artwerk that anyone could I came up with a simple handwriting and a memorable tagline.

School year to me weren't so great, I didn't achieve anything back but it was the early year of my drawing lessons and if you look at the pictures... you'll laugh your pants off, well that's what I do.

The baggy pants, the big shirts, the slick hair, the loud music... they all seem so silly but it's a memorable moment. Music was my shit and it's the root of my lifestyle and it was a platform for me 'cuz music saved my boring life.
Anyways... No regret kids!!!!

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