Sunday, December 27, 2009



Meet BiBo (right to left) the newly wed.
These two precious are Sonia's pet bunnies and they are adorable... and quite a wire biting robots, they eat almost everything (from green veggie to bunny food, carrots to strawberries, slippers to carpets, tea to kurma, etc.), such a monster for little creatures.

Not a while ago they have lost all nine bunny babies and everyone's felt the lost so deeply. I'm guessing they're either too young to understand how to nurture or we don't have enough knowledge about bunnies grooming, anyways they died in vein.
Sonia and fam did try to save 'em though, after struggling several arguments and fist fights (kiddin' guysss...). They did milk them with goat's milk and add it with lil' honey but nothing good was coming.
I think we all got the wrong info on the milking procedure because it doesn't work guys and so the lil' guys end up died.

I hope the lost would be paid off after BiBo's next pregnancy, Sonia's guessin' Bibi is on her second pregnancy 'cuz Bobo's trying so hard to "hard" (lol)... that little bugger! Haha!
Well I hope everything will work out fine for everyone.

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