Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mama's Meat Store

I will tell you a little background story about how I pick "the butcher" as an alias.

As you can see I'm a descendant of a cow serial killer, I inherit a butchering skill...no, no, no...I'm just kiddin'.
My dad is a butcher, he used to work at a slaughter house and a meat shop for my grand dad in his early age, his siblings used to be butchers but some of 'em just can't keep up the pace (I think).

My dad's a decent, kind, and honest guy who has integrity, a total great guy, I think that's why he can survive up 'til now. I got his taste of music, honest opinion (some people said a bit naive) but it's all a blessing in disguise. Maybe if I was born in the 1950's, everyone would named me his name.

I'm glad that I could be a little helping hand for his store. I got to do the logo for him, it meant a lot for me.
So check it out... better watch out cows, we're coming to getcha!


  1. mama's meat store.. gambarnya kok bapak2.. hahahaha... kiddin' ry... (i think u made it with u're heart, so..no comment!)

    "everything that made by heart is perfect" quote gue tuh! hihiihi -ell

  2. Hahahah!! Mama itu nickname bapa gw! Mknya bapa2 kumisan

  3. jadi pengen barbeque-an mbo...yuk yuk yuk..


  4. HIhihihii...hayuuuk!!! Ajakin anak2! tapi dimana na??