Friday, April 3, 2009

Picture Perfect Family - We Are Different but We Are Nice

Sometimes I feel like I don't belong, have you ever felt that?

Picture this, you are in a new place, doing new things, interact with new people and you'll never know what they really think of you or what are their first impression about you but you know that you are a decent person and the worst part is...................... you feel like you don't belong, your thoughts still in that comfort zone that you've left awhile ago. It seems that you've taken a wrong step.
Because you're living in a fast lane, you don't want to miss that once in a lifetime opportunity.
Is it wrong to take chances? Is it save to stay in that comfort zone?
This is what I'm feeling right now, I feel like I have to move on but there are so many things that I haven't done. Precautions or careless?


  1. "Is it wrong to take chances? Is it save to stay in that comfort zone?"
    oh well,,that question has been hangin over my head after quite a long long time... n i still cant figure out the answer yet..
    so,,,are we brave enough to step up and take the chances?? you think???


  2. yea...and sumtims we all feel lost.. and sumtims we don't even know who we are.. we thought we're decent, but that's not in other people's mind. if we're not brave enough to take the chances, we shud try to be...though the result might not be perfect, at least we try..(and sumtims, we don't even know in how many days, years, to get that guts.)

    *for me, life is not paint in pastel colour anylonger...
    and it's hard to paint with a bold -brush- stroke in a colour tone, call "reality"...

    and yes, reality bites!

    ps :...we all will get through this phase. i'm sure we all..(hope so!)


  3. Yes...yes...yes...we all want the best, don't we? I hope we all would pass it successfully
    (put some faith in it).