Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pets & You II

Paint on wall partition sz: 1903 x 80 cm

I feel blessed to do what I've always love to do. This is sort of a "comeback" project. The duo designers (Karina & Imelda) have given us another chance to decorate the wall of the Petshop's garage corridor with dogs facial expression.

First of I have to submit several image references and long listed different variety of shop drawings, and after a few bumps here and there we (me, Andy Christian and Darmadi Setiawan) finally got to do it on site.
The process only took about 4 hours, the longest period was doing the marking & scaling, it's a bitch but somebody gotta do it.
The funniest part was when we finished the tracing (the first thing I learned from college) and Imelda didn't know it at first but then we were caught red handed when we were pulling down the image plan... hahahaha! 'Cuz she thought we were really did the portrait painting kinda stuff. Maaannn... I ain't gifted that way!
The boys did some outlining and fill in stuff, I did the final touch as in touch ups and shading.

Well it was a fun project, hopefully we got to do some more in the future.
I hope you all would enjoy it as much as we do.
Thanks for reading.


  1. Whoaaa...this is SUPPAAA...!!! like i said, i always love your artworks mbo! :D
    mau dooonk digambarin rumahku nantiii... *amiiin* :P


  2. tak bisa berkata kata.. jdnya nulis 'tak bisa berkata kata..' deh..
    gw suka bgt sama yg crowned ho ho ho, aplod foto anjing gw aahh haha :p

  3. like,,,like!!!! gambarin gw dong!!!

  4. keren keren, yg terakhir gambarnya mirip sama yg difoto!!! w mau dong digambar!

  5. hahaha it's funny about the tracin' part... yg paling bwh (foto) ga ikutan di tracing jg tuh?! kkkkkkkk.. 'ell

  6. Boleh-boleh, nanti tak gambari rumah2mu Na!