Monday, June 8, 2009

New Plague

This is the "New Plague".

Not the swine flu or the bird flu, it's worst... from what I heard it can't be cured, it's in our blood and changing it is like moving a mountain with one hand (and we're not even He-Man) but the least we can do is try.

Meet our creation, ignorance is the name. We all have been sickened by this symptom and it will guide us to the end. Our destructive habit is killing mother nature, look at what our forefathers has given us and how we destroy them in an instant, we can't inherit them for the next generation. What do we have to offer for our children? Fast cars and sky scrapers? What kind of learning will they get? Faster cars and bigger buildings?
So please, please, please think twice if you want to jeopardize the life of others or the young ones, they deserves better. Please stop the ignorance, stop littering! Take care of your own crap! Use a minimum amount of energy!

Think globally, act locally!

*This piece was inspired by Bisma Putra's photographs of tall buildings, keep up the good work dude!*


  1. *standing applause* ... kalo bisa sambil backflip, pasti gw lakuin mbo..
    dan thanks very much for the credit... tp bner ga ngeh foto yg mana :p
    yg manapun, senang bisa berkontribusi di karya ini.
    terus berkarya mbo!!! yahuuuuuu!!!

  2. Thanks superman!!
    Itu lho, foto2 bangunan di Flickr yang pake Lomo item putih.

  3. *ikutan tepuk tangan*
    kalian berdua memang jagoannn.. :D